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Hotel Management Software


Fully Integrated Hotel solution

It is a Hotel Management Software designed and developed by Hotix. An integrated solution and completely modular for all categories of accommodation institutions (Groups, hotel chains and independent). It is validated by business men in order to satisfy all functionality Hotels needs.

The award-winning Hotix software fully adapts to the usual processes of the hotel. It does not matter how big the business is or how it was previously organized.

Hotix software is excellent value for money and intuitive. In addition, it can be expanded with many interfaces and additional modules so that it can be individually adapted to the respective hotel.

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HNG Front Office

Need to facilitate and streamline the booking process from the customer's arrival at the hotel until their departure?


Telephone systems, restaurant and shops POS, Inventory, key systems, Accounting, RRA EBM ... Almost all interfaces can be fully integrated into Hotix HNG and it  becomes the central switching point for the entire hotel business.

Additional Modules

Whether marketing, meeting room management, Payroll and Human Resource management,  housekeeping - Our additional modules support you in the daily administrative tasks, facilitate the planning and evaluation, provide clarity and open new time windows that benefit the guest.

We have many models to meet the hotel management needs

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