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Your intelligent WiFi portal

IACBOX is a solution able to make Internet access available inside the rooms of a hotel, by cable, or a Wi-Fi connection. The peculiarity of the solution lies in the connection with the hotel program which allows the guest to be able to authenticate without having to request a ticket at the reception. For the guest it is sufficient to log in indicating the room number, the person's full name and date of birth, the IACBOX verifies this information if it is present in the hotel program and if the credentials are accepted, it allows internet access to your guest. Also you can charge the connection time directly to the hotel account.

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Customizable for all your needs

Easy Integration

No matter if used in Wireless, Wired or mixed environment. Network integration has never been easier!

Flexible & Modular

Available as Software-, Virtual- or Hardware Appliance with a large number of external Interfaces.

Secure & Powerful

Always up-to-date including new features and scalable for any application field.